nedelja, 08. december 2013

Cacib Wels, Austria

Our Saja-Tenderline Get Closer won Junior claas, she got fantastic description.
Our Mila-Whipptown Love Me Tender got great res. CACA in very strong competition. 
Ola-Tenderline True Love got fantastic res. CACA in very strong competition (15 females). Congrats Nika for great handling.
We had a great time with Nika Živec, both were very tired but also very happy for great result. Many thanks to judge Fritz Bjoern 

                                                                                             foto: Andreas Huettner

foto: Nika Živec

for the best whippet female: Rivarco The Dancing Queen and our Tenderline Get Closer.  
Foto: Marion Reiser-Burmeister

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